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About Us
Crispinfocare is a Technology Enabled Strategic Workplace Solutions Company in India. We offer our customers an entire set of Commercial and Office Space Solutions including purchasing, selling and leasing of property with an approach that is well thought-out, multi-disciplinary and fully integrated.
Crispinfocare is an environmentally-friendly company that has successfully delivered many commercial projects by offering expert yet personalized services to our customers. Right from choosing apt facilities to enhancing infrastructure to complete maintenance, we provide with an array of dedicated and value-driven services that address the critical needs of the corporates. Crispinfocare’ skilled team is experienced in the legal aspects of the corporate world. The team associates with patrons to come to the best corporate approach for growth, relocation or consolidation. Our team is competent in structuring intricate
transactions to meet clients’ corporate goals while offering flexibility and optimum space occupation. The professionals are proficient enough to handle diverse workplace solutions such as acquisition, lease, disposition, lease management, lease renegotiations and restructuring.
Complete market knowledge and comprehensive databases aid Crispinfocare analyse existing market trends and forecast the impact of fiscal, social and government policies on real estate, particularly their impact on end-users. Skilled application of analytical tools and techniques enables us to build novel solutions that combine business, sectoral and geographical necessities. We employ latest technology to trail advanced information on IT Parks, Business Parks, Facility Details, SEZ office space availability, Commercial Details and Offered Spaces and employ the Geographical Information Systems to produce instant reports for patrons seeking office space.
Why Crispinfocare?
Crispinfocare identify, examine, negotiate, procure, register and lease out the property on your behalf while offering you a hassle-free experience.
Working with Crispinfocare means you have selected to have the best search and negotiation team fighting your corner. As a patron, you will get access to every available building in the market. Our retained patrons will have access to our workplace consultancy to guarantee that a precise and sensible brief is set and everything is given on hands.
Our commercial leasing team is skilled enough to handle all types of office spaces, including business parks, SEZ high-rise towers, etc. It comprehends the real estate needs of your business functioning in Bangalore and more prominently offers solutions to address your business needs. Whether you are a corporate tenant or landlord, we can back you with your requirement.
Pick the one which suits your business, your work style and company and we can locate the Right Property and Location for your business objectives.